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Design Your Own Putty!

Design Your Own Putty!


** Please only choose ONE OIL below** DO NOT pick an oil from both drop downs.  If you want a specific blend, please send me a message so we can discuss your choices **


Are you looking for a specific color or scent for your putty?  Would you like it to change color with heat or sunlight?  How about adding some sparkle?  Now you can customize your putty to meet your needs!  Select from all of the options and I will handle creating your masterpiece. 


1.  There are 2 different scent choice boxes, please choose an oil from either section.  For the other section choose the first option since the box is mandatory. 

2.  The colors are custom made per order and may not be an exactly the same each time.   

3.  Please allow an extra day for me to make your putty. 

  • Custom Orders

    Due to the personalization of the custom orders, I will not be able to offer a refund.  I will work with you to correct the situation as best as I can. 

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