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What is AromaTheraPutty®?

AromaTheraPutty® is a silicone-based putty infused with essential and fragrance oils. When adults and children play with the putty, it may help with focus, fidgeting by promoting a calm and relaxed release of energy!  It's safe, non-toxic and does not contain gluten, latex or soy.  The products are hand-blended in Pennsylvania from domestic and globally sourced materials.  

The scented putty comes in 2 sizes, full size and mini.  Each one is individually packaged in a covered container and comes in a matching, colorful organza bag, so it makes a great gift!!   Adults and children (5 years or older) love them. 


Collect them all and check back frequently for new colors and scents!  If you have any suggestions for great new scents, please send a message using the form below!  Bulk and custom orders are available upon request too!


The scent lasts at least one year depending on usage and scent. The putty itself will never dry out!  Putty can be placed in a microwave oven for 15 seconds to soften (not in the metal tin), or in the refrigerator to harden.   Please use caution as the putty will stick to clothing, fabrics, and carpeting!  If it sticks, try using hand sanitizer to clean it up. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food  and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease(s).

AromaTheraPutty® is a registered trademark of Sue Volkert Gifts LLC


Water, Lotions and Hand Sanitizer will make the putty very, very sticky because of the pigments and oils.  If this happens, mix baking soda into the putty to try and absorb it.  This may or may not work.  If the putty was exposed to a lot of water, it may be permanently ruined.

After applying Hand Sanitizer, make sure hands are completely dry before using the putty. 

Tips to remove putty from fabrics!

  • Never make the putty hot (it will get gooey), use ice cubes to freeze the putty.

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer will help remove putty that has melted into carpets, clothing, furniture, etc because the alcohol will eat the putty.  

  • A mixture of Original Dawn and White Vinegar can help eat the putty off the fabric.

  • WD-40 may help remove the putty but will cause staining.

  • The putty will stick to silicone items (such as silicone wedding bands).  If this happens, use hand sanitizer to remove it from the items. 

What to do if the putty jar won't open:

Since putty is neither a solid or a liquid substance, it has a nasty little habit of sneaking into every little crack and crevice it can find.  Because of this, it can become wedged in the lid of its container making it difficult to open.  It's always best to store the jars flat to avoid it sticking to the lid. 



If this does happens, please follow these steps:

Mini Putty and Full-Size Plastic Jar:

Since the jar is so small, it can be very difficult to open these.  The best thing to do is hold the jar on its side with the lid in your right hand and the base in your left hand.   Hold the lid tightly while turning the base away from you.  Use small, strong turns to work it open.  It will eventually give way and open.  If you are left-handed, reverse the above steps.  You may microwave the plastic jar for 30-45 seconds to soften the putty which will make it easier to open.

Full-Size Putty in the Silver Tin (old style):

The full-size tin does not screw on, it just lifts off.  The putty still creeps into the groove.  The easiest way to open these containers is to put your fingers around the edges of the lid and with your thumbs in the center of the clear plastic, push down with your thumbs and up with your fingers.  The center plastic piece will detach from the lid and allow you to get to the putty.  It will just snap back into the lid.  Do not microwave the full-size metal container.  

** Please use caution as the detached lid may be sharp. **

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